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F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S

How Do I ?

Change Colors, Fonts and Images
Freeware styles cannot be changed. In the licensed version you can change colors, fonts and images to match your own web site.

Change Basic Bulletin Board Options
The General Settings Link in the Control Panel has all major options.

Change Forum Names and Descriptions
Use the 'Forums' link to set all Forum options including turning them on and off..

Change User Permissions
Use the 'User Info & Permissions' to search for users. You can suspend posting, or delete the user entirely.

Appoint Moderators
Use the 'Set Moderators' link to add a moderator to a forum. A moderator must be a registered member of the bulletin board.

Delete Unwanted Messages
'Edit/Prune Messages' is an option only in the licensed version.

Change My Password and Preferences
On any regular UBB page use the 'Profile' link to change your password and other personal information. This is not a control panel function.

Make a New Administrator
You can make any registered user an Administrator. Use the control panel 'User Info & Permissions' link to find the user and give 'Authorized Administrator' status. When you know this is successful, delete the Admin5 user for security.

Upgrade my Freeware to the Licensed Version
You can keep all messages and members when you upgrade to the licensed version. Purchase a license, download the zips and follow the upgrade instructions. UBB will keep your existing control panel settings and add many more options.

Many questions can be answered in the Support Forums at Please bookmark this page for future reference.


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