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The IsraAliens SETI@home Team
Here we communicate with each other
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Guy Havardi prepared an alternative forum at The first time you enter, you will have to register, and the next times, just a quick login. To post, you may have to add the forum to your favourites. to do this, click the My Forums link at the top right, and enter your Forum preferences at the lower left. To go back here, click the Webpage section there.

Click here to go to the forum at delphi

this one is a message board provided by Tripod:

The IsraAliens' message board

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Until we decide on something else, we hang around here:

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These members can be contacted by ICQ:

If you want to add your own ICQ panel, choose one from the ICQ site and tell me which one you want, along with your ICQ number and name/SETI@home nickname, with the feedback form at the Contact Web Master page: