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Photo Album
The IsraAliens SETI@home Team

Here are some pictures describing the team's spirit.

VeRTiGO's SETI farm

one of VeRTiGO's SETI ranchs

Computers on which VeRTiGO installed the SETI@home client. A good example for every team member :) (Not reccomended by UC Berkeley)

Boni the SETI dog

Boni the SETI Dog

Sami Gabizon's dog, a member of honor at The IsraAliens.

At October 2000 the Israeli Society for Science-Fiction and Fantasy held it's annual conference. That year the theme was "contact with alien civilizations", and they invited us to introduce the SETI@home project in this context. Aside from this desk, Sami also gave a 45 minute lecture on the project.

first desk

First location of our desk.

second desk

Second location of our desk.